Saturday, December 11, 2010

I love being able to garden in December

While winter closes in on much of the rest of the country, it's fall here in SoCal.  The maples are beautiful shades of red and orange, leaves are falling, and it was sunny and 77 degrees today.  So, after doing a bit of Christmas shopping in the morning, I spent all afternoon gardening.  Here's today's list of accomplishments:

  • Scored two garbage cans full of grass clippings from my neighbor.  He looked at me like I was insane when I asked if I could have them.  I tried to explain that I needed them for my compost pile, and they would make my vegetables grow better.  He still looked at me like I was insane.  He handed over the clippings, though, so I don't care if he thinks I'm nuts.  Now my compost bin is full, and I've started a new pile with one can of clippings and a pile of newly-raked leaves.  Happiness is a full compost bin.
  • Planted some cool-season veggies: 
    • Scallions - "Delicious duo" red and green scallion seeds from Renee's Garden Seeds
    • Spinach - unknown variety given to me by someone on Glendora Freecycle
    • Beets - "Detroit Dark Red"
    • Radishes - "Crimson Giant," also courtesy of a Glendora Freecycler  
  • Cleaned up some debris left in the yard by the previous owners
  • Put a ring of stones around one of our orange trees
Now I'm resting a bit before date night at Disneyland with my husband.  What a wonderful Saturday!