Monday, February 23, 2009

Today's garden safety tip is brought to you by antibiotics and urgent care

OK, gardeners - here's your Garden Safety Tip o' the Day, courtesy of your intrepid--and wounded--rainy day gardener:

When you sustain a minor injury in the garden, immediately clean the wound, apply some antibacterial ointment, and bandage it up.

Never mind that it's the first halfway warm, sunny weekend day the Northwest has seen since October. Never mind that it's just a scrape, and that's only a little bit of dirt and compost and manure in the wound. Never mind that you really need to get those radish seeds planted, because the wind is kicking up and you're tired and the chickens are loose and might get snatched by hawks if you leave them alone in the yard. Never mind all of that. Clean the damn wound. Now.

I could post a picture of what might happen if you don't, but I wouldn't want you to lose your lunch. Let's just say it involves pain, swelling, a trip to urgent care, antibiotics, and a tetanus shot. Apparently manure has germs in it. Who knew?


Gardeness said...

Yikes! Good reminder. Hope you're better soon.

Janet said...

Thanks for the good wishes! Thanks to modern pharmacology, it's better. I guess I'm living proof that common sense isn't common.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Hope you feel better! And thanks for the reminder...without the picture ;). I always keep a dark bottle of colloidal silver on hand next to the backdoor, just in case.

Meg said...

YIKES, Janet! Glad you are on the mend!