Sunday, March 03, 2013

I used to have money; now I have trees!

Ah, spring: when flowers bloom, sun shines, breezes blow... and bare root trees go on clearance sale!  Your rainy day gardener is deep in the throes of spring plant lust and went on a major shopping spree this weekend.  I'm now the proud owner of a Manila mango tree, four blueberries, a Peace rose, and an Early Girl tomato, plus four (yes, four!) bare root fruit trees on sale at Orchard Supply Hardware for 50% off.  That's about $9 per tree, folks!

Look left for pictures of my discount booty (hmm... maybe I shouldn't phrase it quite that way..."discount booty" suggests a different kind of sale--one likely to result in a trip to the local health department for an antibiotic).  Anyway, here's what I scored for half price at OSH today:

  • A Snow Queen nectarine
  • A Goldmine nectarine
  • A Red Baron peach
  • A Twentieth Century (Nijisseiki) Asian pear
I think I officially have an orchard now, as the new trees will join 3 large orange trees, a large lemon tree, a peach tree (I forgot the variety), an ultra-dwarf nectarine, an Indio mandarinquat, 2 kumquats, a blood orange, a tangerine, a Meyer lemon, a Mexican lime, a Hachiya persimmon, an aprium, 2 apricots, a pluot, 4 apples, and an All-in-One almond.  I need a twelve-step program for tree addicts:

"Hi, I'm Janet, and I'm addicted to fruit trees."
"Today I binge-planted 4 trees in a row.  I can't pass a tree display in a store without stopping, and sometimes I just stand there, looking at the display with glazed eyes, drooling.  And last week, I went tree-shopping before lunch.  I staggered home to my family late in the afternoon, with a truckload of trees and an empty bank account."
"Here's your membership card."

Now, does anyone know where I can get an Asian pear, cheap?  My new one needs a pollinator. 


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