Friday, May 27, 2011

Then and now

Last time I posted, it was raining buckets, and I was whining (hey, it's my blog--I'll whine if I want to).  Now that spring is in full flower, I'm no longer whining; I'm sneezing.  But more importantly, my garden is flourishing, so in addition to sneezing, I'm bragging (hey, it's my blog--I'll brag if I want to).  Here's what my backyard looked like back in November:


And here's what it looks like now:


Bean teepee

There's been progress in the front yard too.  Here's a pic from last summer:

And here's what it looks like now:

It still needs a lot of work, but at least it isn't a scruffy slab o' grass anymore.

Here are few more. This is a Japanese maple:

And here's one of the roses we got from our neighbor across the street:

And the cymbidiums we got from the neighbors across the street:

And one that I bought for way too much money from a woman that lives near here:

So, we're making progress!  It's fun to watch a boring yard transform into a garden--but it takes a lot of work (and money--*sigh*) to make it happen.