Friday, April 18, 2008


This weekend's photo essay is subtitled, "Why I Prefer the Phrase 'Climate Change' Over 'Global Warming.'"

And then it's sub-subtitled, "AW, COME ON!!!!"

Last week's lovely rhodie:

The plant formerly known as primrose:

Annnnnnd, the dogwood and front yard (by the way, the snow is STILL FALLING -- you can still see a bit of grass peeking out in the photo below, but that's been buried under at least half an inch by now):

How do you spell ridiculous?

P-A-C-I-F-I-C N-O-R-T-H-W-E-S-T.


Nancy said...

Oh dear! That would be enough to send me around the bend.

Perhaps it will melt quickly and the plants not damaged too badly.

Janet said...

Wow--you actually got snow up there! We haven't seen any (yet), but it's pretty cold. I brought 8 flats of tomato and pepper seedlings in, because even the greenhouse is too cold for them. They're currently occupying my dining room, much to the irritation of my family.

Melinda said...

I'm so sorry - they were pretty! I'm up in Seattle looking for a place to live. I'm originally from Seattle. This past week I was wondering if I came to the wrong city - it's not the Seattle I knew! Wow - hail, snow, sleet, rain... yikes.

Liz said...

I must apologize in advance for this comment. I thought those pictures were HILARIOUS. That's because I HATE gardening, and find an, admittedly malicious, streak in me that sees lovely efforts in cultivating flowers and vegetables that are ruined by the nasty snow as being quite funny! Lest you think I'm a horrible person, let me explain that I, too, have my irritations with wintry weather that doesn't seem to want to go away. We just got back from a Civil War reenacting weekend, in which we set up camps, only to have to endure COLD, CLAMMY and RAINY weather ... in MAY, in Rhode Island! Now that can't be fair!